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1. The general rental conditions apply to all contracts/reservations made by our organisation.

2. In the absence of different, prior and written agreement, only our conditions are applicable.

3. The organiser and/or intermediary may be held to cancel a certain offer temporarily or permanently.

4. The offer mentioned in brochure and publications applies as long as stock lasts.

5. When a client makes a modification, the organiser and/or intermediary will charge the costs resulting from the modification.

6. All reservation confirmations/invoices have to be paid cash, net and without any discount. Bills of exchange, cheques, warrants or receipts do not carry any renewal or deviation. The reservation will be final after reception of the entire rental price. The deposit for ordinary bookings is 30% of the rental cost (a minimum of € 140 plus additional costs).

The deposit for bookings with the ‘early booking reduction’ is 50% of the rental cost (a minimum of € 200 plus additional costs). For special offer bookings the full rental cost plus additional costs must be paid in a single transfer. If the total sum is under € 140 (or € 200 as the case may be), the payment must be made within 8 days. The outstanding balance has to be paid, without further notice, 6 weeks prior to the starting date. If not, the reservation will be cancelled. For reservations within 6 weeks prior to the starting date, total rental price has to be paid with in 8 days. After reception of the entire rental price, the reservation is final and the necessary documents, including voucher, will be sent to you. This voucher has to be handed in at the reception upon your arrival. All costs originating from payments will be at the client’s expense. For every confirmation/ invoice that has not been paid, partially or completely, when due, interest has to be paid with out prior notice and based on the legal interest increased by 4% and minimal 12%. At the same time the amount of all reservations/ invoices will be increased by 20%, with a minimum of € 50 per reservation/ invoice and without prior notice. We are also entitled to postpone or cancel all pending orders or contracts. This under penalty of compensation, either fixed or to be determined by Court, as far as the real damage will be higher than the fixed. The defaulting debtor will have no right to any compensation whatsoever regarding us.

7. In view of the local laws and regulations there are certain costs that have to be paid for on the spot (see price list ‘what is included’ and ‘what is not included’).

8. Cancellation conditions: until 8 weeks prior to the starting date 25% of the rental price with a minimum of €100. From 8 to 4 weeks prior to the starting date 50% of the rental price with a minimum of €100. From 4 weeks to the starting date 100% of the rental price. If you have to interrupt your stay, the total rental price stays due. When the reservation has not been paid, the reservation will be automatically cancelled and administration costs of € 50 are due (*).

9. Deposit. The accommodation supplier will ask for a deposit of € 125 for a weekend or midweek and € 200 for a week.

10. All vacationers must live by the regulations of the park. If not, they will be removed from the park without any refund. The vacationer is also held to reimburse lost or damaged goods during his stay, whether the loss or damage has been caused by negligence or actions made by him or a third party or not.

11. There will be no liability accepted for loss, theft, damages, physical injury or accidents caused to persons or goods during a stay. There will be no liability accepted in case any of the technical machinery falls out of order or if some of the facilities close down. There will be no reimbursement for complaints resulting from this.

12. Substitution. The tenants and other guests can not let the accommodation be used by third persons unless they have the letter’s written permission

13. Complaints during the stay have to be reported as soon as possible and in an appropriate and evidential way. When a complaint has not been taken care of in a satisfactory way or if the client was not able to phrase a complaint on the spot, he must report his complaint to his intermediary by registered mail within 14 days. Furthermore, registration of a complaint, valid or not, does not suspend the various obligations towards us, including payment. In case of dispute between parties, we can bring this dispute for the Court of first instance in Hasselt, for the Court of Commerce in the defender’s district. The defender can not reject the chosen court’s authority.

14. The general conditions apply to all reservations. All prior price quotations come to expire (with reservation of price modifications). Obvious printing errors are not binding.

15. Minors are admitted when accompanied by an adult or with written parental permission.

16. On arrival days you can enter be - tween 15.00 and 21.00 h. On departure days, bungalows have to be vacated prior to 10.00 h.

17. Occupation of the bungalows: the maximum capacity can not be exceeded. Babies and children count as person. 18. Responsability. The person who makes the reservation, stays severally liable for the accommodation and third persons, even for the registered occupants of the accommodation.

19. Actions, benefits and promotions can not be combined or reimbursed.

20. Government taxes, charges and VAT on the rental of the bungalow shall be char ged to the final user, even if they are levied after the publication of the rental charges.

21. All prices and conditions are indicative and can be modified to the conditions imposed by the seller.

22. Publication. Regularly photographs are taken of our guests for publications on Park Molenheide. If guests do not want to be photographed, they have to inform the organisation in advance and they have to stay out of the recording field.

23. The prices mentioned in the brochure and on the website can vary from the effective prices at the time of reservation, considering some price elements that are reviewed periodically.

Price indication per night: 220,-/type Quatro/4 pers.; 230,-type Alfa/4 pers.; 250.- type Penta/5 pers.; 270.-/type Novis/6 pers.; 260,-/type Relaxis/4 pers.; 350,-/type Agora/8 pers.; 415.-/type Patio/10 pers.; 370,-/type Omega/6 pers.

(*) When cancellations are the result of non-payment and you would still like to come, you will have to contact the organisation first in order to receive the confirmation. A new booking will have to be made. The above mentioned administration costs of €50 are still due.

(*) In case of interruption of your stay, the complete rental price still has to be paid.


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